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Our Client

MTN is the largest telecommunications company in Nigeria with over 57 million subscribers. Established in 1994, MTN operates in over 22 countries across the Middle East and Africa.


To strategically increase revenue by incentivizing top performing retailers with exquisite rewards thereby driving healthy competition among MTN retailers.

Our Approach

Working closely with the MTN Sales and Distribution team, Softcom’s strategy team spent three weeks researching key performance indicators, which were used to determine the performance of a retailer and correspondingly determine their reward points. The resulting metrics were converted into logic and influenced the development of the system.

Our Solution

Softcom’s experienced team of engineers created and implemented the Retail Incentive Management Platform which comprises of a desktop application and a mobile application for the MTN Point-of-Purchase retailers and a web-based monitoring platform for the MTN managers.

RIMP for MTN Point-of-Purchase was designed with an offline-first approach considering the lack of Internet connectivity in rural communities.

It enables the MTN Point-of-Purchase retailer to

  1. Create retailer profiles by capturing their bio-data and geographical data.
  2. Record and review all registered retailers sales data.
  3. View reward points acquired and accumulated by retailers.

RIMP for the MTN manager provides real-time analytics to the MTN executive for informed decision making.


Softcom’s RIMP is helping MTN

  • Track sales performance of over 100,000 MTN retailers across the country.
  • Harmonize the bio-data and geographical data of all MTN retailers and Point of Purchase.
  • Increase revenue through improved sales performance across all regions in the country.
  • Successfully and transparently reward top performing retailers and POPs.
  • Take informed business decisions based on analytics provided.
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