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Our Client

Forte Oil is a major independent marketer of refined petroleum products and a player in the downstream of the Nigerian oil and gas sector. With products ranging from PMS, diesel, aviation fuel, kerosene, commercial gas and a wide range of lubricants for various automobiles and machines, the company is spreading business networks to other African countries.


To develop sustainable ‘digital media strategy’ that enables Forte Oil increase brand awareness towards its target audience which would have a positive contribution to the company’s bottom line.

Our Approach

A comprehensive study of the brand and its entire ecosystem of products. Major research emphasis were placed on the customer. Field research was carried out at mechanic shops; also online researches were carried out, in order to get quantitative analysis of customer expectations and challenges.

Our Solution

Implementing the strategy cuts across 4 major areas, namely

  • Campaigns: In communicating Forte Oil’s products and a drive for excellence, campaigns were created, such as #DrivingLives, #ItMatters, etc
  • Platforms: Research showed that Forte Oil’s audience is on multiple online channels. Our campaigns were targeted to those media channels.
  • Listening: We engaged listening tools in seeing and hearing the audience digital communication. Feedbacks were collected and adequate response provided to maintain brand integrity.
  • Visibility: Constantly make sure our client remains top of mind to its customers and subconsciously instill the brand into human minds, in the process giving light and audience to products not having adequate attention.


After a successful implementation of the strategy, multiple official media channels have being created and maintained. There has being increased amount of brand awareness and customer engagement, delivering:

  • Increase in follows across all social platforms engaged
  • Increase in conversation around Forte Oil & Forte Oil products
  • Improved CSR for forte Oil as customers have a direct talk to customer representative online via messages across platforms
  • Increase in specific product sales, directly attached to product advertisement running on social media
  • Achieving multiple trends on Facebook and Twitter
  • Engagement of celebrities’ joining in on forte oil online conversations
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