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We are using technology to produce an "admin" that never sleeps, never takes a vacation, knows what every department needs (Infrastructure), keeps them operational (Process) and in sync with each other, and makes them function as if there was never a physical or virtual space among them (Mobility).

We know that speed-to-market, cost-efficiency, and mobility are attractive targets to enterprises. So, at Softcom, we devise uncanny ways of building systems that get you to your goals as fast (and efficient) yet as out-of-the-way as an auto engine.


As your organization grows so is its need for faster communication and collaboration, electronic data storage and protection, security of business-critical assets, among a myriad other systems needs.

Irrespective of size, though, every organization faces the same risks from beyond-control/unforeseeable natural occurrences that could compromise vital business records. We are constantly thinking of systems that mitigate such “technological disasters”. We have expanded and deepened our partnerships with original equipment manufacturers in order to have control over the level of customizations that make infrastructure fit within your model without distracting business processes and work flow.

From planning, designing, to installation, configuration, tuning and testing, Softcom Infrastructure team continues to engineer and guide systems that ensures founders and CEO’s stay at ease.


Maybe it is humanly possible to do everything. But is it also efficient so? Your staff deserves more than grunt work. The answer? Business Process Automation.

Beyond efficiency though, we provide every client demonstrable evidence of how much cost is contained when software is used to restructure and integrate (unify) labor and production resources. Always with immediate benefits to our clients.

In delivering business process automation, our keyword at Softcom is “integration”, or unification. We do things a little differently. We do not just automate. We build you a custom all-in-one platform that does automation for you. Automation built this way ensures congruency of process flows and business goals.


Today’s consumers are on their smartphones and tablets almost as long as they are watching TV. That is, most of the time, according to various marketing surveys.

These same consumers demand access to the full range and reach of a company’s offerings, nothing dumbed down or restricted, on the devices that are as intimate to them as the smartwatch they got on their wrists. It is up to organizations to tap into this demand. It takes a mobile mind-set to do so. But it also requires installing and running the right systems.

As with everything Softcom, we start with a mobile strategy that balances an organization’s end goals with its customer desires/demands. Then we build, deploy, and manage the app/software that bridges (if not deletes) that physical or virtual space between provider and consumer.

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Softcom is redefining the way things are done in our industry... They create... platforms that bridge the gap between our clients and us.

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