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Organizations are made or broken on the quality of how they appear or are perceived online. Our work in Presence targets the foundation of that perception. We develop the content, strategy, and design needed to sustain such presence. What differentiates us is our approach.

We do not broadcast your brand online. Instead, we create content that engage your customers who become members of your community. Our content follows a well-defined road map (strategy) toward where you want your brand to be. We then package your content in a design, a differentiated interface people gosh over.


It is safe to say that every one in your audience or needing to (or should) be in your audience as an organization is online now. But what are they doing here, online? Affording them what they have come for while not straying from your mission is what creating content is about.

Here are some content types we create as part of our Presence service, because they are the ones in demand online-wide.

  • Infographics
  • Animated gifs
  • Live-streaming videos
  • Social media posts
  • Slides
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars, and
  • Original data


Content strategy is not unlike what differentiates us as a brandstrategy. Having determined what you want to communicate online, and even fired up some content, we address the key question of “why”. Yes, why do you want people to listen to you?

This why question guides the Content Strategy Document that further guides every content we create for your organization going forward. We both “draw and develop the larger story that [your] organization tells” and the “governance” of such content.


Design is about the packaging of your content. It is so crucial it can make or break any content strategy, not matter how well-developed. In fact, design is a strategy.

Our design team at Softcom have mastered and is proficient at the art and science of good content. Every interface between your organization and its audience we design to be beautiful, engaging, accessible, usable, and help your customers absorb and enjoy your content. You can trust your websites, apps, social media channels, etc to us.

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