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Telecoms Industry

Industry Brief

Telecommunications has evolved from the limited number of fixed lines in the 90’s to millions of subscribers. Its database holds more customers than the banking sector which has been in strong existence before the country gained independence.

The telecoms industry operates within very stiff competition with each provider selling homogeneous products at varied prices.

Creativity and quest for the right information among players has been the key to success. This is helping players channel services better to target individuals and strategically manage spends and investments.

Where Is Telecoms Headed?

Since the deregulation of the telecoms sector, we have experienced a wider network of people connecting through voice at cheaper rates. As may be expected, this echoes the way of other industries, where the industry itself is steered by the activities of the private sector, evident as soon as it is deregulated.

As the industry evolves, it seeks to enroll more subscribers.

At Softcom, we are poised to provide intelligent systems that help boost the activities of sales and marketing departments of key players in the Telecoms industry, addressing every pain point.

Works in Telecoms

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