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Retail Industry

Industry Brief

A seamless experience of shopping simultaneously in a brick-and-mortar, a smartphone, and desktop is what retail is today. This is where the idea “omnichannel” gets its full groundedness. Retail is made or broken on this multichannel approach.

But omnichannel is not merely a buzzword—it is borne of an overarching need from consumers for convenience, for ease of access. The retail that scales enables customer intimacy, is efficient at distribution, and is personalized.

What Is Softcom Up To?

Whether it requires complex software or hardware or, as the case is usually, both of these, we continue to evolve such systems as enable retailers to develop and measure more targeted and effective operations as well as campaigns.

Your particular operations may demand the use of beacons installed in your stores, or may need rejiggering of the payment systems to support new and efficient payment technologies. You could also seek the benefits that come with ability to collect and measure customer data to determine if your investments are making returns appropriately.

Even more important is maintaining and engaging your omnichannel consumers on a strong digital presence. In all these many ways technology is defining how retail should proceed, our commitment to you at Softcom is to fit your operations with just the latest technology that earns you those sales. Nothing short of that.

Client Testimonial for Softcom about the Retail Industry

Perpetual inventory visibility is critical and that requires some technology at all levels.

Bob Amster, Conn

Works in Retail

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