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Education Industry

Industry Brief

The education sector is one that has grown to be highly competitive over the years with lots of players both in the government and private sectors steering the wheels of how learning is being received and delivered to the ever increasing number of students.

Available statistics in the sector shows we are lagging compared to international standards as we continue to play catch up. Huge measures are being taken to align the experience and the content of learning to be suitable for the society and the Nigerian workforce.

Where Is the Education Industry Headed?

Education now is being broadened to cater to the needs of society in general and is being driven by content and mode of delivery. The penetration of the Internet, busy schedules and social behaviors of customers have led to the growing market of learning beyond the walls of a classroom.

The industry continues to adopt technology-enabled learning to foster the experience and delivery of its services.

Where Does Softcom Come In?

We are a thinking company with lots of time invested in research into our customers and the methodology of our bespoke solutions for clients. Having studied youths of today, their huge affinity for social interactions and lower attention span, we have designed a solution to help schools achieve better results while students learn beyond boundaries.

Our mobile learning solution, EduSocial App, is already ‘making learning fun’ for both tertiary institutions and secondary schools in Nigeria. Little wonder Diamond Bank was pleased to partner with Softcom and Samsung on this project.

Client Testimonial for Softcom about the Education Industry

Building solutions to enhance the future of education fits into our [Diamond Bank's] strategy.

Uzoma Dozie, CEO, Diamond Bank

Works in Education

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